about bend

photo by m. spieth @ cleveland museum of art

photo by m.spieth @ inlet cove dock

photo by m.spieth @ inlet cove dock

jen spieth, cyt                              studio director and instructor                                                                   

jen began practicing yoga in 2003 as a means to unwind and keep her stress levels in check. while the calming effects were near-immediate, it would be another two years before jen would find her teacher and a physical practice that was both challenging and mentally stimulating. in 2009, jen completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through karma yoga studying with local teachers susan smola, deanna black and sally brooks, as well as international teacher psalm isadora. for jen, the practice of yoga continues to cultivate strength to help balance out her natural flexibility.  her playful and empirical approach creates a supportive environment for her students to learn and explore their practice.  

tanya henkel, ryt-200 instructor

always a fitness enthusiast, tanya first discovered BUTI Yoga in 2015 and instantly connected to the feminine energy of the practice. inspired by incredible physical and mental changes BUTI brought to her life, tanya became a BUTI instructor in june of 2016. her classes are energetic, well-balanced and inspired. she believes that the journey to success and true happiness has to begin with self love.


vicky smith, cyt  instructor

vicky smith.jpg

“i bend so i don’t break” has been a mantra for vicky for some time now. having found BUTI Yoga in 2017, her approach to life has changed for the better. utilizing BUTI’s values and promotion of self love, vicky’s self esteem and mental strength has soared to new heights. she believes that when you are finally able to look the person in the mirror in the eye with love, support and appreciation that only then are you able to truly grow into who you are meant to be. vicky became BUTI Yoga certified in 2018 and she is a certified medical assistant as well as bls/cpr certified. time to release your true self.

susan smola, cyt                      instructor

nothing moves you like the practice of yoga. we strengthen the body and the mind becomes stronger. we learn to stand and how to take a stand, how to balance our lives on and off our mats. we twist to gain perspective. we root and we soar. we submit, withstand, yield, bend.

it's the practice of yoga.

and we do it with an open heart, a smile on our face and hella good music. swaha... it's all good.